Best Napkin Holder

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For a splash of color in your kitchen, we’ve got the perfect napkin holder to add some personality. The perfect accessory for your next brunch get-together.

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beaded napkin holders

Serve your guests with a sense of style with the Beaded Serviette Holder. This distinctive design is a beautiful addition to any dining table and is destined to leave a lasting impression on guests.

This tissue holder will add a bit of glamour to your table with its elegant beaded border. Handcrafted from beads, this piece is designed to elevate your kitchen or dining space. It’s simple, stylish, and adds a pleasing pop of color to any dining table.

  • This beautiful design will fit in both modern and traditional kitchen décor
  • Fits well in any kitchen setting or dining table
  • It’s easy and convenient to clean with warm water
  • Ideal for organizing fruits and vegetables efficiently
  • The modern tabletop design combines stylish with functionality

* Do not store close to fire.

  1. Item Details: Handmade
  2. Materials: Beads
  3. Style: Beading

* I accept custom orders.

How to make a napkin holder

beaded serviette holders


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