String Art Wall Décor

KSh 3,000

Make your living room lively by grabbing yourself our unique String Art Wall Décor. Not only are they considered elegant but also can bring a feeling of being able to sustain oneself.

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Paradise is now,
Paradise is here.
Don’t let your beliefs
veil it all, my dear.

It is not a place
impossible to find.
Paradise, my love,
is a state of mind.
  • Perfect gift for any occasion- birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, baby shower
  • Compliments any room adding elegance to your home. eg Living room, bedroom, kitchen etc.
  • Various sizes to suit your needs

You can Create Special Subtle Mood Effects at Night With a UV Lamp near to the Art Piece

  1. Item details: handmade
  2. Art style: string art
  3. Materials: string, wood, nails
  4. Size: 40*40cm

*I accept custom orders.

Dimensions40 × 2 × 40 cm


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