121+ Creative Gift Shop Name Ideas [+7 Brand Name Generators]

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If you are planning to open a gift shop, then you need to think about what name it will have. Finding the ideal gift shop name is crucial if you want to stand out and get noticed. But, how do you choose?

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How to Choose The Perfect Gift Shop Name


The perfect gift shop name is much more than a memorable name that embodies your brand or product. It’s one that will be remembered by your clients, make them remember you, and leave an impression of quality on their minds.

All in all, the name should reflect your shop’s originality and style. This is one part of owning a gift shop that you can’t afford to skimp on. It will establish you as an authority in your field, and when paired with the knowledge that you’ve picked up from this article, it will help you make the right decisions for your gift shop’s future.

Gift Shop Name Ideas

I have created this list of Gift Shop Name Ideas to help you find the perfect name for your online gift shop.

Creative Business Name Ideas

  • Glorious Gifts
  • Perfect Parcel
  • Gift Town
  • Gift Giver
  • Forever Finds
  • Granny’s Gifts
  • Fireside Gifts
  • En Vogue Gifts
  • Glamour Gifts
  • Gifter’s Garden
  • Gifts And Giggles
  • The Quick Gift Store
  • Shoppershift
  • Shopendy
  • Giftheart
  • Gift and ship
  • Shopsentry
  • Shoplense
  • Shopiqo
  • Deliverylove
  • Greatregard
  • Qualuxe
  • Bagrific
  • Seluxa
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Modern Name Ideas

  • Giftlab
  • Profreebies
  • Givingia
  • Talentline
  • Charitybar
  • Cornerset
  • Giftly
  • Progift
  • Shopit
  • Enstore
  • Shopium
  • Lovegesture
  • Vedall
  • Lashop
  • Giftpro
  • Goshop
  • Giftking
  • Iqoniqe
  • Sylque
  • Iqomi
  • Shopcircuit
  • Shoplax
  • Eternitique
  • Zeemium

Unique Gift Shop Names

  • Santava
  • Xivya
  • Gavvo
  • eprezzo
  • Purpink
  • Sparqe
  • Custovia
  • December light
  • GiftsKenya
  • Giftago
  • Sparkles
  • Boutiqo
  • Queensworth
  • Murastar
  • Shopathy
  • Fortuqo
  • Queenly
  • Pearluxis
  • Stylonic
  • Quickshop
  • Valuqo
  • Swopply
  • Merrywish
  • Giftmost

Memorable Name Ideas

  • Hypegifts
  • Floriti
  • Coazy
  • Rarejoy
  • Artmall Gift Shop
  • Goodgrub
  • Krivo
  • Evelon
  • Wishbilly
  • Shopelos
  • Amorist
  • Shrivel
  • Bountifulgifts
  • Shopono
  • Gifzy
  • Gogifts
  • Elegant Gift Shop
  • Vee Gift Shop
  • Flexelle
  • Dreamial
  • Everyonic
  • Jayqo
  • Moggley
  • Givera

Edgy Brand Name Ideas

  • Prominent Gift
  • Deem Shop
  • Zoo Shop
  • Shoporyx
  • Queen Gift
  • Gear Shop
  • Applique Shop
  • Shoply
  • Parade Gift
  • Lost Shop
  • Mill Gift
  • Above Gift
  • Dynasty Gift
  • Jam Shop
  • Giftex
  • Ship Shop
  • Switch Shop
  • Threads Shop
  • Jacquard Shop
  • Clue Shop
  • Wrap Shop
  • Crooks Shop
  • Knick Shop
  • Cue Gift

What Makes Good Names For Gift Shops?

If you plan to open a gift shop, you need to consider what name it will have. A good gift shop name is one that suits your business model or adds value to your product. Perhaps the perfect name is just around the corner – but first here’s what NOT to do with your name:

  • Don’t copy any existing store out there already (you want to be unique)
  • Don’t name it after you just because you’re small currently (what if you grow)
  • Don’t fall for “corporate speak” over a fresh, lively approach (more easily remembered)

Creative Gift Shop Name List Generators

As you can see, it is possible to find the perfect name for a store and to get good ideas, even without spending money on a professional. You should be able to make sure that you are using a name that will fit the product that you provide, so you will want to put some time into thinking about how your products are sold as well. If you want customers to know what will be available in your store, then one of these names will fit perfectly with your business.

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